Our dear customer,

Routine server maintenance work will be carried out on our Turkcell Data Center servers on a regular basis every 6 months. Since our main network devices will be taken care of during the works, access problems may be observed on our servers.

While Ankara location server maintenance is being done, our 2nd team will move our Gebze location services to Ankara location. As always, we will continue to provide uninterrupted service with a higher quality structure after the work carried out from the Turkcell Ankara location data centers, which have a stronger and more stable network structure.

Our work will be done in one night. The work plan is below:

Working Start Time:

10.09.2022 (The night connecting Saturday to Sunday)

Work End Time:

11.09.2022 07:00

Actions to be taken by you after the work:

Making a backup of your services as a precaution.

Actions to be taken by you after the work:

Checking if your service is running smoothly.

Thank you for your understanding, we present to your information.


Enterprise Technical Support