Product and Service Price Update 2023

Dear Customers.

It is becoming difficult to provide sustainable services due to the cost increases experienced in our country. We try not to reflect these cost increases to our customers who are housed within our company, but in order to maintain our services and keep your servers afloat
it has become mandatory to go to the price increase.
We know that you, our valued customers, are not happy that the cost is constantly increasing, both in the expenses they make during the day, in the expenses they make for entertainment, and in the expenses they make for their work.
Eniyisunucum.com as a company, we have tried to delay this price increase as much as possible, but we need to go to the price increase in order to serve you in a sustainable way.
from 01/02/2023 00.01 clock

- Virtual Server Services
- Physical Server Hosting services
October - Additional ip services
- Web hosting
Reseller hosting

We announce to you that we will increase the price of our services provided above