About Product and Service Price Update

Our dear customer,

Effective as of 01.09.2022, a 50% increase was made in industrial electricity consumption prices for commercial enterprises by EDPK (Energy Market Regulatory Authority). This increase is directly reflected in our installed energy consumption costs. Since we want to share the rate of this increase and all the details with you in a transparent manner, we are obliged to publish this announcement.

We regret to inform you that due to the use of industrial electricity by the data center, we have to increase the prices of our server services as of 01 September 2022 and we have terminated the sales on an annual basis.

What Services Does the Price Update Cover?

- Server hosting services
- Physical server rental services
- Virtual server services
- Web hosting services

What is Installed Energy? How is it calculated?

Working with Turkcell infrastructure, our company purchases electricity capacity under the name of installed energy within the scope of Turkcell data center services. For example, 3 or 5 kW/h energy is purchased for each 42U cabinet and this energy is distributed to our customers as much as you use them.

In the contract we signed for the Turkcell Gebze data center during the first opening, the pricing by EMRA was 1.70 TL, while it was 3.29 TL with the increase, but we did not reflect this increase. As of September 1, 2022, pricing is offered as 4.93 TL.

Kw/Amperes are calculated on servers, for example, 1 kW/h = 4.35 Amperes of energy.

According to this calculation, it is calculated as 1 Ampere = 0.230 kW/h and we buy it as 0.230x4.93 = 1135 TL with the current price provided. Together with the cabling, the total pricing will be calculated based on 5 TL and will be reflected on your consumption bill. In addition, optional options have been added to all services. Pricing of our services with 1U, 2U, 10U, 21U and 42U capacities will be reflected as much as your consumption amount with automation.

The rack servers we provide services consume between 0.80 and 1.5 amps on average.

I do not accept the increase in costs. What should I do?

We work with Turkcell, Turkey's largest data center operator, and we provide our uninterrupted and trouble-free service guarantee with the Turkcell infrastructure. Even after this mandatory price update, we strive to provide the most economical services in Turkey. EMRA only applies an increase in direct proportion to the price increase, and we do not apply an additional hike.

If you request after the price update, we offer you the opportunity to cancel your service without paying the withdrawal fee in our service contract. In order to prevent the price update from making you suffer, you can cancel your service within 30 days, effective from this announcement, without paying a withdrawal fee.