Data Center Change

Hello Dear Customers,

In order to maximize our service quality, we are planning to move all our servers located in Bursa - PENDC data center to Gebze - Turkcell data center as of 00:00 on Monday, 21 June (the night connecting Monday to Tuesday).

We believe that we can provide better quality and uninterrupted service with the transition to the new data center.

The time we foresee for the planned study will take an average of 6 hours. The work, which will start on Monday, June 21, will end at 06:00 on Tuesday.

As a result of our preparation with our professional team, we will have carried out all actions to prevent any data loss, including virtual and physical servers.

We will be migrating to the new data center and therefore the IP will be changed.

In order to learn your new IP Addresses, we ask you to submit your server information with a support request.

During the process, you can reach us via our WhatsApp line and info@eniyisunum.com e-mail address.

Regards, EniyiSunucum Network Services