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Service and Usage Agreement

Service Provider: ENİYİUNUCUM INTERNET VE BILISIM HIZMETLERI (www.eniyisunacum.com) Service Provider: Referred to as Customer

The subject of this agreement is the Law No. 4077 on the Protection of Consumers and the Application Principles and Distance Agreements regarding the sale and delivery of the services determined on the website or by e-mail regarding the provision of server, software, cyber content or domain name services belonging to the Service Provider to the CUSTOMER. Determining the obligations and rights of all parties within the framework of the provisions of the Regulation on Procedures. Type of Service, Delivery and Application of the Contract

This contract will be valid from the moment the Service Provider orders the domain name, server and software supplied by the Service Provider after delivering the Service Provider product to the Customer for a fee.

The provider is obliged to supply the information and products of the product to the customer via the website or e-mail.


The Agreement will be valid throughout the billing period in which the Customer Service Provider uses the products supplied. If an additional clause has been added to the contract, new clauses and amendments may be implemented after "one" payment period.


The Service Provider is obliged to provide the domain name, server and software services to the Customer after the Billing period and payment are completed.

The Service Provider is obliged to notify the Customer of the product price when creating the order.

The Service Provider is obliged to provide written and verbal support to technical problems regarding the services it provides.

The Service Provider is obliged to keep UPTIME above 99.0% for one year.

The Service Provider is obliged to notify the customer of the maintenance or technical maintenance in the Data Center at least 6 hours in advance.

The Service Provider is obliged to communicate with the Customer within the framework of ethical rules, without threatening, racist and violating the laws of the Republic of Turkey.


The customer is obliged to fill in the information in the registration form on the website completely and without errors in order to receive service.

The Customer is obliged to pay the invoice "IN CASH" in order to purchase products from the Service Provider.

The customer may request long-term invoices for server services, covering periods from 3 months to 12 months.

The customer is responsible for his own information, data and user account. The customer accepts that he is responsible for taking backups. The Customer is responsible for all changes and transactions made in his registered user account.

The Customer cannot hold the Service Provider responsible for technical failures in the data center or the infrastructure of the Republic of Turkey.

The Customer is responsible for any legal sanctions that may arise from any publication, content or document made using the products provided by the Service Provider. In cases of legal action, all financial sanctions will be borne by the Customer.

The customer undertakes not to make any information or broadcast that violates the indivisible integrity of the Republic of Turkey, such as gambling, betting, pornographic.

The customer is responsible for any material damage that may occur in hardware and server devices. Compensation claims that can be made from the data center will be covered by the customer.

In case of violation of these clauses, the Service Provider reserves the right to stop, interfere with all services and terminate the membership without warning and without refund.

During server use, scan for viruses while downloading a file over the Internet, otherwise the ip may be blocked. In this case, your access to the server may be interrupted because the ip becomes unusable.

If you use the server you have purchased to make an attack, your server service will be canceled. The customer has accepted this warning and Eniyisunum Internet Ve Bilişim Hizmetleri is not responsible.

The Customer will verify by SMS for the security of his membership by the Service Provider. Campaign, information, etc. All SMSs will be forwarded by the Service Provider and will be deemed to have accepted it after the contract has been approved while becoming a member.


In the event that the contract is terminated by the customer before its expiry date, the customer undertakes not to request a refund for any price.

If the services provided by the Service Provider are affected through the Customer, it may terminate or amend the contract unilaterally.


From the moment the customer opens membership on the website, he reads and approves these articles and declares that he accepts them. The contract comes into effect from the moment the invoice is paid in advance.